Spirit Halloween – 2014 Preview

Here at Nightmares Blog, we’re lucky enough to be located near Spirit Halloween’s Flagship store location in Egg Harbor Township NJ. The giant location is situation in a former Circuit City store, but has since been overhauled into a permanent location which opened for the 2014 season on 8/14/14.

image (13)

This year the store has a new theme with all new in store experiences. A more general horror with fewer licensed characters is the theme this year, and as a result prices seem a little more within grasp for the average home haunters.

Of particular interest are the looping effects DVD’s demonstrated at the front in store experience location. These DVD’s can be used for rear projection effects, direct projection onto walls, or as a video loop for any TV. We picked up the ghostly apparition dvd for a ghost viewer project, results to be posted here soon.

Also of interest was an expansion in the led lighting section with all new indoor/outdoor models of old favorites, as well as effects lighting. Spirit stores will soon be open allover the country, definitely fun to shop, even if you don’t have a costume or home decor plan in mind.

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A very evil easter

Once the eggs are gathered and the questionably edible candy grass is questionably consumed, it’s time for some zombies and evil Easter bunnies eh?

image (6)

Brighton Asylum is hosting Rottentail Slaughterhouse. Apparently the asylum has either been invaded with giant evil bunnies, or the inmates found a large box of old worn mall bunny suits… Either way carnage is certain and bunny is the word of the day. This is a hands on haunt with waivers required and actor touch optional if you choose to accept a glow necklace. Take our word for it and be sure to take the necklace for the full experience! Details at

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The Philly Zombie Crawl is an annual event on South Street in Philadelphia on Easter Sunday featuring hundreds of participants in zombie costume and makeup (pro makeup available on site for a nominal fee) walking the streets of Philly and roving from bar to bar for zombie themed drink specials, zombie movies, DJ’s, and the all new Zombie Emporium full of goods from local artists and vendors. Admission is just $5 at the TLA for a night of fun, more details at 


Expiration Date Comic

Expiration Date is an independently produced comic book written and published by Laura Flook and illustrated by artist Brian Williams. Calling this work a comic book though does not do it justice. The comic is more of a personalized work of illustrated artwork. From the moment the package arrived in the mail, emblazoned with the beautiful Laura Flook logo, it was clear I was in for a treat.


The comic is printed on a high quality matte paper, bound with autopsy ligatures, and adorned with a beautifully personalized toe tag filled out and signed by the author Laura Flook. Protecting the book is a plain manila folder decorated with insects and an expiration stamp. Within the covers  the illustrations are exquisitely macabre black and white illustrations depicting a story taking place within Last Resort Funeral Parlor. The art style varies from gradients to sharp clean lines, pending the characters perspectives, and there are plenty of recognizable Easter eggs within that will surely give the reader a chuckle.

The subject matter is that or a day in the life of a mortician, with decidedly twisted adult humor. This is no kids comic book, but some of the images and humor within will appeal to the childhood of the Millennial and X generations.

The book has sold out in the past and I don’t plan to ever part with my copy as it is perfect coffee table affair for Night Manor, so I recommend you order yours soon, and help Laura Flook as much as you are able since she has kindly granted a sliding price scale allowing customers to pay what they can afford. Take my word for it, this work is certainly worth more than the minimum allowable price.