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Fear Factory: Tinsel Town Terror 2013

Tinsel Town Terror at the Fear Factory in Mays Landing NJ is as far as I am aware, the first and only professional Christmas themed haunt in Southern New Jersey. This show is more than just Santa hats on existing props, the Fear Factory has really been transformed into a winter wonderland of holiday horrors. The attraction only includes the Mays Manor for the holiday season. This is only one of the two attractions in the facility, however the ticket price has been adjusted accordingly. As an added perk, a portion of each ticket sold is being donated to charity.

Tinsel Town Terror

Tinsel Town Terror

I hesitate to call the attraction scary, although keep in mind that I am a little jaded when it comes to haunts. The show is however extremely entertaining with it’s twisted sense of humor, curious and macabre visuals, and downright creepy actors all lit by the glow of colorful Christmas lights hung with care. The overall impression was very organic, not tacky as one might expect, rather a genuine feeling that the inhabitants of the haunt were indeed just celebrating the holidays in their own unique ways.

For those who visited the Fear Factory during the Halloween season, most sets will be recognizable however the actors and set dressings have been completely overhauled for the new theme and story. This was achieved to great effect via the usage of Christmas decor, wrapping paper, additional set pieces, and perhaps most impressively the application of colored lighting to change an underground cave scene into a convincingly barren and frozen ice tunnel.

With the exception of a few key adult characters, actors were younger, almost childlike. This normally detracts from an attraction, but in Tinsel Town it only makes sense for the elves to be small and child like. I have to compliment the elves, their presence was simultaneously cute and creepy, especially one actress who is a skilled contortionist. Interaction types varied from scene to scene, some were close up, some direct conversation with actors, and others were walk by scenes with actors interacting among themselves. For an off season event I partially expected the attraction to have a sparse acting crew, however the rooms in the haunt were all well attended, most with more than one actor.


Lobby Decorations

My only complaint about the show was that the last room was a little slow, I suspect something went wrong with the timing of an animatronic scare, however as this was opening night and we were one of the first groups to go through, I can only imagine this issue will be fixed for the remainder of the season.

Overall Tinsel Town Terror ┬áis a very entertaining and “family” friendly show appropriate for those old enough to be nonbelievers. The attraction wisely remains secular and excels in presenting an alternative brand of holiday fun with a decidedly twisted sense of humor.

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