Project BlackBurn 2014

Project BlackBurn, from Blackout to Burning Man and back again.

It’s funny how a chain of events can play out. I never imagined a trip to see America’s most extreme haunted attraction in New York City would result in my spending a week in the desert of Nevada. In August of 2014 I will be traveling with fellow Blackout survivors to attend Burning Man, the mecca for extreme self reliance, crazy art, mutant vehicles, and an experiment in building a temporary community which for one week becomes the most populated city in the state of Nevada.

What does  this have to do with a haunt blog? For one it all started at Blackout, the drive to find more and more extreme haunts bringing together like minded people. Burning Man, being an extreme experience in itself in addition to being located in one of the most harsh climates possible,  naturally compliments this.

The logistical challenges, costs, risks, and unknowns are immense and frankly frightening, however much like Blackout, the more real the fear you survive, the more rewarding the life experience that comes with it. While I’m not looking at this adventure as one to fear, it is certainly a formidable task and challenge which makes it all the more worthwhile.

The biggest questions everyone asks. “What is Burning Man”, is one I hope to have the answer for in a few months time.

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