Victim Experience

The Victim Experience – 2014 Preview

The Freakling Brothers Victim Experience haunted attraction in Las Vegas Nevada is about to break all the rules of the haunted attraction industry in a bid to be the most Extreme haunt in the world. This March from 3/15 – 3/22 The Victim Experience will be presented to a limited audience via online ticketing only. Much like other extreme haunts, all attendees must be over 18, sign a waiver and agree to physical contact. Unlike most other shows though, this experience will not be offered at Halloween, and the waiver also includes an agreement that your clothes may be damaged, and that audience members are willing to be subjected to forms of torture and criminal behavior and harassment.

No one can say that they weren’t warned, however I can only begin to imagine what the experience will include.

Nightmares Blog will be onsite opening night to attend, and we will do our best to be one of the estimated 30% of attendees who survive the show without calling a safeword. Would’t be much of a review otherwise would it?

Keep an eye here for a video event followup to be uploaded within 24 hours of the event, and much more lengthy review after the week long run of the show.

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