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Kim’s Krypt – Hex’s on Your Ex’s 2014

Kim’s Krypt in Essex Maryland is a high energy actor driven single show attraction. While the show does not have millions of dollars of high tech scares, the huge effort put forth by actors to scare and entertain patrons is more than adequate to send patrons screaming and giggling out the door.

The Krypt has a rather unconventional location, in the basement of a former community college on a main street in small town Essex MD. Surrounded by a under construction 7/11 and two churches, you’d never expect to find a highly interactive haunt lurking just below.


Unlike the convention unguided “conga line” tour, Kim took the time herself to guide our group from room to room for the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the show before handing us off to the mercy of her denizens. Each room is it’s own scene where the group will stop to interact with an actor, or actors as the case may sometimes surprisingly be. Interaction ranges from boo jumpers to creatures stalking in the dark, audience members being a part of a scene by making a choice or taking a seat in te electric chair, or even chanting along in various ceremonies and experiments.

Overall, even though I was in a larger group towards the end of the night, the Krypt managed to interact with seemingly everyone in the group to their level of comfort. In a very creative effort, at the preshow introduction and safety instruction session, Kim offered anyone who wanted to allow actors to touch and interact with them one blood smear on their face for mild, two for wild.

While this interactive haunt is in no way an extreme interaction in the vein of Blackout or Scarehouse’s Basement, it does still have a way of pulling everyone into the slightly nonlinear but still highly entertaining story line of the Krypt.

A few highlights included a visit to Kim’s own highly impressive collection of Halloween decor, as well as a cleverly executed exorcism, and two hilarious (albeit adult in subject matter) actors interacting towards the end of the attraction. The two male actors, who I won’t spoil the surprise for, are either experts at improv or have one great script which they used to end the show on a really high note.

A few things to know before you go, there is limited street parking right in front of the attraction, the show lasts about half an hour, and the queue line can be a bit long, but a DJ helped move the time. Just be sure to dress warm as it is February…

An added bonus to the Haunt, Kim also offers Hearse Rides in her classic doom mobile. Guests are invited to lay down in the back with a spooky soundtrack and effect lighting for a fun ride around town. Maybe not for everyone, but a neat thing to add to your never have I ever collection, and a fun chance to Chat with Kim about her show.

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