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Blackout: Off Season 2014

Blackout Off Season 2014
Time to let Schroedinger’s cat out of the bag, maybe…

Through a prolonged, complicated, stressful, and sleep loss inducing online application process, I was granted the privilege of being invited to Blackout NYC’s 2014 off season invite only event.

That is basically the extent of what I can tell you…

The location, show content, and so many gritty details are all secrets with dire consequences to anyone who divulges such details.

What I can tell you is that this event may be a game changer for the haunt industry. As we’ve come to expect from Blackout, all the normal “rules” of haunting are left behind the moment you step foot into the surreal experience that is Blackout. The rules are not just bent, but totally redefined as the crew pushes your limits, physically and mentally, leaving you with memories that require days to weeks worth of mental processing.

Execution of the show was flawless, a well oiled machine of impressive efficiency. The content a challenging treat for even the most diehard extreme haunt fan.

Most striking of all, the aftermath. The rose colored glasses through which one sees the world after a Blackout experience are invaluable and irreplaceable. While the experiences in these shows are not always “fun” or “enjoyable”, they are moments that will challenge the audience and develop nerves of steel along with bulletproof resolve.

I’ve said it before and I will re-iterate, I am proud to be a survivor who is a part of Blackout just as much as Blackout is a part of me. ThisĀ is my all time favorite Horror attraction, but it is NOT for everyone, truthfully not even for most. The full contact top notch acting and adult subject matters are simply a quantum leap forward from typical haunted houses and interactive theatre. Those planning to attend Blackout events need to be prepared for a show that begins before you buy your tickets, and ends weeks, months, possibly a lifetime later, because once you let Blackout into your head, Blackout is there to stay.


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