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Hooded in the Basement

The Scarehouse in Etna PA (near Pittsburgh) is at it again with a one night only showing of the basement. This time the twist is not holiday related but rather sensory, or more accurately lack thereof.

While details are vague, guests can safely assume  from the title that a hood will be worn for at least part of the experience, which is a genius and bold twist because the Scarehouse is so well known for it’s elaborate and beautifully detailed sets, even when minimalist as with past basement events. One can only imagine what may be planned as an assault in the absence of sight upon on the heightened senses of touch, hearing, smell, and perhaps even taste…

To say the least, the Basement is not for everyone. To start, patrons enter alone  or with one other, must be 18 years old, and willing to sign a waiver. As the tagline reads, patrons will be touched, restrained, and scared out of their minds.

With the short but stellar history of The Basement at Scarehouse, it’s very likely this event will sell out so get your tickets now, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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