BloodShed @ Bizarre AC 2014

I had the fortune of finding the BloodShed in the exhibit  hall of Bizzare AC in the Tropicana in Atlantic City NJ on Friday June 13th. At first sight, the BloodShed is just that, an average size residential shed, a bit bloody and definitely worse for the wear on the outside. If it had not been for the distinctive sounds of a haunt leaking out from behind closed doors, I would have just assumed it a cheeky, albeit large and unwieldy prop for a show floor exhibitor.

Quite to the contrary, the BloodShed is a genius concept combining elements of a typical redneck haunted house, the movie hostel, and a mobile business model allowing for year round operation indoors or out anywhere with 120VAC and a 10X10 space.

The premise, for $10 guests are invited to enter the shed alone, be seated and restrained in a chair, and then locked inside with the chair restraints and barred door keeping them securely in the grasp of whatever may lurk within the 4 walls of the small but well decorated shed. The kicker, the guests friends are allowed to stand off to the side of the shed and watch their brave companion via an infrared night vision camera hidden inside the attraction.


Not to give any spoilers, but the shed held more than a few surprises, including an awesome soundtrack (major kudos to whoever picked the music, sounds very much like something from the video game fallout 3), creative lighting, and simulated exposure to potential bodily harm and primal fears.

While the idea of a highly interactive haunt that you enter alone is nothing new, the execution of the BloodShed is genius in that it’s mobility allows them to bring the haunt to new audiences, and in the ingenious use of restraint to turn a relatively small space into a  believable setting for the duration of the show.

Here’s hoping the BloodShed crew mix up the show a bit with time so as to keep fresh surprises for repeat customers. We at Nightmares  Blog certainly hope to catch them on the road again sometimes soon!



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