The Purge Breakout

The Purge Breakout is at it’s core a promotional stunt to push the Purge Anarchy sequel due this summer. Make no mistake though, this is no rehash of the movie, but instead an immersive, interactive, and challenging experience based in the world of the Purge.

Each group of audience members is given an assigned start time and must arrive a little early for waivers and a debriefing prior to entering the show. The haunt itself is a mobile setup consisting of two connected tractor trailer truck box trailers, decorated on the inside so well that you quickly forget where you are and easily loose your bearings. The challenge, to solve a series of puzzles and challenges to escape in the half  hour given before the Purge commences.

Unlike most conventional haunts where you may not touch the scenery or props, in the Purge Breakout you must touch everything to search for clues and solve various puzzles. It’s important to keep your wits about you and think analytically, paying attention to details so not to miss important clues and/or become stuck without the ability to proceed through the show.

While the experience is short on scares, the tension of the time limit and pressure to solve each challenge made for an enjoyable haunt-like experience nonetheless. Set decor was top notch, as well a lighting that was all very naturally provided by contextually appropriate light fixtures within the sets.

Overall, the Breakout was  a great experience, certainly enhanced by attending with friends, but enjoyable in any group as long as cooler heads prevail to solve the puzzles as they come up. While the show does lack “replay” value due to the linear trail and necessary sequence of such an event, it is certainly an attraction to attend if possible. The concept of an ultra mobile truck trailer based setup traveling cross country is a genius one, and I hoope to see the industry take further advantage of the seemingly successful model.

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