The Haunted @ The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos

Admittedly The Haunted at The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos was not at all on the itinerary for our venture into the haunts in the hills of the Pocono mountains, however it was a pleasant daytime roadside surprise. From their website you would never even suspect that the shoppes basement includes a haunt, other than their ominous tag line “NOT YOUR ORDINARY CANDLE SHOPPE”. A little more web presence might do them well, but local and national media coverage have certainly put them on the map.

The Haunted is no typical fictitious haunted attraction, rather more of a family friendly haunted museum located in the basement laboratory of a doctor who conducted government funded experiments in the early 1900’s to develop vaccines for various malicious aliments. Unfortunately a century ago medicine wasn’t quite as precise a practice as it is today, so the necessary procedures of the time seem quite ghoulish by today’s standards. Rumor has it that the countless primates who perished in the lab for the advancement of medical science still haunt the building to this day. While we did not experience an paranormal entities, the guided tour was highly informative and fun. The Show is primarily composed of static displays with some animatronics and a couple clever scares. Be sure to take your time to take it all in, as the quantity and quality preservation of historical artifacts is rather impressive.

We did unfortunately find the tour had a few technical difficulties, which is quite possibly just a result of us visiting on a slow Saturday afternoon in September. Nothing too major, just a few light bulbs out and effects offline, but it was a little disappointing to find the vortex tunnel not vortex-ing.

Overall the Haunted is a fun roadside attraction, and the Candle Shoppe above an awesome historical building full of delicious Halloween scented candles among others.



Be sure to take a little time to poke around the candle shoppe and gift shop after touring the haunt. Their pumpkin spice candle is simply to die for…



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