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  • Sat

    The Zombie Fun Run

    Field of Screams - Mountville PA

    Running from Zombies through Field of Screams!!!

    (or maybe actually being one of the zombies?)

    The choice is yours at this years ZOMBIE FUN RUN! Run, jump, climb and crawl your way through movie quality sets to the finish line...where the LIVING DEAD AFTER PARTY will be taking place!! This 5K course is truly one of a kind.

    New for 2014 - The Zombie Fun Run at Night – EXTREME BLACK OUT

    Experience the thrills of being chased by bloodthirsty zombies under the stars on this 5K course through Field of Screams!!! You will be immersed in professionally illuminated movie-quality scenes while running through mud, crawling over obstacles, jumping through fire, and so much more! This takes The Zombie Fun Run to a whole new level. Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?



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