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  • Sat

    Asbury Park Zombie Walk - Asbury Park, NJ

    Asbury Park Boardwalk - NJ

    This year’s Zombie Walk has a target. Yes it will be the same amazing, fun, free and raucous event it always is. We’re looking for cool new vendors, musicians, makeup artists, guests and surprises to make it more action packed than ever before. In addition we’ll be teaming up with some amazing organizations that want to educate us and help spread the word about brain cancer (and all other forms of this enemy) and how to catch it. You all know how encounters with zombies end: If we can catch it... we kill it. 

    On October 4th the Zombie Walk is waging war on cancer - particularly of our meal of choice; the brain. We want to do whatever we can to help kill cancer once and for all because too many people have been lost. Because knowledge is power, and our undead army is the most powerful thing I know. Because brains are worth fighting for... because GREY MATTERS.


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