Chris Gay AKA. DJ or Cpt. Night has been in the professional haunt industry since 2003, visiting over 40 separate haunted attractions, acting at over 25, and working on/consulting at nearly a dozen. Experience includes scene, prop, pneumatic, low voltage, and animatronic design, programming, and construction, story writing, technical direction, as well as sideshow performance, mobile DJ work, and queue line acting.

DJ Night, At work...

DJ Night, At work…

In 2008 DJ Night founded the NJ Ghostbusters, a not for profit  group of 12 costumed ghostbusters, proton packs and all, which attended various charity events and haunted houses in character along with the Ecto-4, a modernized ectomobile based on a Toyota Rav4 wagon/suv. Peaking in 2012 with 65+ events, the team disbanded post Halloween due to ever growing expenses of fuel, tolls, hotels, and other travel costs. The team has since rebooted in a smaller capacity during the Spring of 2014.

NJ Ghostbusters at the Haunted Prison in Mullica Hill NJ

NJ Ghostbusters at the Haunted Prison in Mullica Hill NJ

In 2013 the NJGB was reinvented as Z.O.R.T.13, the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, District 13’s first, last, and only line of defense against the coming zombie apocalypse. Within 6 months of creation, Z.O.R.T.13 can be found at haunted houses, horror, and zombie events allover the mid-Atlantic region, over 30 events in October alone.

Z.O.R.T.13 at The Zombie Mud Run

Z.O.R.T.13 at The Zombie Mud Run

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